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Counselling & Hypnotherapy for Individuals, Couples and Employee Assistance for Businesses

*** In the first face-to-face or telephone session, if you don't wish to proceed after 30 minutes then — NO CHARGE ***;

Are you wondering if counselling is for you? Worrying the counsellor might think your problem is silly? No, never! Nothing is too big or too small if it is of concern to you or is impacting on your quality of life.

Do you wonder if counselling is too expensive or just for the well off?

In the first face-to-face or telephone session, if you don't wish to proceed after 30 minutes then - NO CHARGE - and no obligation. There is even a small first session discount if you continue! We won't have one more session than is necessary. Counselling often takes just weeks not months!

Who is counselling for? It is for anyone who is feeling overwhelmed, bereaved, anxious, depressed, struggling with a relationship or just had enough.

Counselling can help when you feel you are going round in circles over a decision, need to talk to about changes in your life or you may be feeling under stress, anxious or depressed. You may feel overwhelmed by caring responsibilities or have concerns about relationships, to name but a few scenarios.

Counselling is not about giving you advice. It is a skilled process, which will enable you to reflect upon your experience and will empower you to find the necessary skills and resources to put you back in control of your life.

Sometimes disability, age, caring responsibilities or work commitments prevent people accessing counselling.

Let 1 To 1 Counselling offer you a solution

There is no substitute for face to face counselling but 1 To 1 Counselling can offer you the next best thing - by purchasing telephone, online or email counselling you have the convenience of working with a qualified counsellor at a time and place that suits you. You can retain your anonymity, if you wish to, and not having to travel to access this service saves you both time and travel costs.

1 To 1 Counselling can offer a mix of counselling styles and can use these and NLP and / or hypnotherapy to enable us to tailor our service to meet your needs.

Some Of Our Testimonials

'Thank you - I feel that I am living my life again' - LM, Widnes

'I can see options and make my own choices - Thanks' - JC, Runcorn

'Excellent - really worked for me' - DB, Merseyside

'At times it was difficult to let someone into my world, but I'm glad I did - thank you' - GE, Widnes

'It was great to speak and actually be heard, rather than being given advice' - LC, Cheshire

We offer Integrative Counselling - which means we can work with you on problems created in the here and now, issues from the past or even fears for the future
  Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

To Whom Individuals, Couples and Businesses

How Face to face counselling - either as a mobile service in Merseyside or Cheshire or at our premises in Runcorn
  Telephone counselling - can use Skype and / or a webcam
  Email counselling

If you require just NLP or hypnotherapy please contact us to discuss your requirements, prices and to arrange an appointment.

If you wish to know more about any of our services or to discuss an appointment, please telephone 01928 718044 or you can email us with your queries - no obligation: